Better Is Not Always Best

Truth be told at the risk of sounding arrogant, I'm a better guitar player than the majority of artist that I produce. Most are more than very capable and some are quite good. Many however ask me to play guitar on their song for them whether I co-wrote it or not because they feel I'm a better guitarist than they are. That being said, more often than not I still have them play the song instead. Why? Why would you not have the better player do the part?  Because most of the time it's not about what is "better" but rather what is better for the SONG. Often the artists that I have play on the song offer a different twist, feel, or vibe than I would simply because they may not be as proficient.  Whether it be due to lack of technical ability or just out of naivity there might be a certain characteristic that their playing ads.  You may ask "but wouldn't a more accomplished player be able to replicate that? Yes more than likely but it would not come as naturally and possibly sound a bit more contrived then the natural musical beauty of innocence.  Often in music just as in real life imperfections are what make things unique and enable us to have an attachment to them as humans since we are all imperfect to some degree. Sometimes things that are too perfect lose the essence that makes it beautiful and that is why Better is not Best

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