From the recording El Samuraichi

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Yo Se Que Yo Puedo --- Translated means “I Know I Can Make It.” Actually, more correctly would be I know I can do it, I know I can accomplish whatever I truly set my sights on. Basically, this was a hard rock song that I wrote in a former band of mine called Character. When the “unplugged” thing was really big, we decided to work up an acoustic set of some of our songs and this songs always had the same type of chord progression and scale (Harmonic Minor in case you were wondering) as most Flamenco music but also the rhythmic nature of the song lent itself to the Flamenco style very well. So, I decided to redo it this way. The cool thing is, you can hear this and check out the original Hard Rock version from my band Character here on the site and hear how a song can translate over multi genre's