Be Cool Be Flixible

A valuable lesson for all cool and be flexible. I played a wedding cocktail party and was asked to set up outside so I did got my sound check and everything together played 2 songs then they asked if I could move everything inside because the majority of the guests were not coming outside. Granted, they asked me earlier if that needed to happen if it would be a problem and I said no. One of the advantages of being a solo artist ;). The wedding started 20 minutes late and ran another 20 minutes over so I started playing 40 minutes later then contracted and they wanted me to finish what we had arranged, stop for a bit while they made announcements, and play an additional 15 minutes. I gladly obliged. Not only did they end up paying me nearly double what we had agreed on but the event planner was very happy amd appreciative of my willingness to go the extra mile and I will probably get more gigs out of it in the future. So... be cool, be flexible :)

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